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ANAM CARA is an art project made from Love by Ligad and her husband  Aaron Suiss

 ANAM CARA’s show brings electronic jungle beats with a shamanic fire show and has a tribal theme 

The show includes a live DJ set, dance and fire performance, unique body art and outfits, special effects and hosting different artists such as live musicians, dancers and more. 

Inspired by the jungle of Thailand, the Caribbean Sea, Colombian mountains, Tel Aviv city haze, the desserts of Morocco and the world 

Amazing Couple 


Fire Show

Amazing Fire Duet of beautiful couple Elene & Jace.

One of the popular performance in Asia and in Europe.

Five Elements Fire/LED show: This performance is an incredible addition to any event. Blending dance and technical fire, this duo is simply stunning. Their unique style and synchronicity will have guests captivated from start to finish.

Jacen & Elena met on the magical island of Koh Phangan. They fell in love and channeled their talents into a dynamic duo of fire performance and yoga.

Duet Five Elements.jpg

DJ, Producer, Manager and Event Organiser, raised in Belgium. 20 years of Musician experience.

Creation of musical concepts and Events in Ibiza and Koh Phangan.

Creating a professional DJ course

”My music Pro”

With tribal and elevating vibes, he keeps that underlying Techno bass whilst taking the dancefloor upwards with a high energy throughout.

Outside of Belgium Dava has played in Ibiza (Bora Bora, Blue Marlin), Holland, Germany, Luxemburg, France, India, and Thailand.

A professional musician from the USA

with extensive experience working with the creative musician in Europe,  Asia, and Latino America. 

Participation in international music festivals.

Creating your own Shows and Events. 

Creator of his own style of music. 

Extensive teamwork experience. 

Aaron Suiss traveling on tour with their own show. 

Aaron Suissa , USA - DJ/producer, Progressive Melodic House/Techno & Ethnic House music


Model Ievgeniia
Model Ievgeniia

Model Ievgeniia

Ievgeniia is an experienced Fashion Model offering a range of professional services.

Ievgeniia Mykhailova has a successful career and she is the face of several brands: "Pet Tawan - Silver Jewelry", "Passion - Swimwear", "liberty JM - Designer Clothes" and more others.

Experienced in the filming of diverse video advertisements.
Learn more about the Model services options we provide below and feel free to book the service that best suits your needs.


1. Photo Shoot 3 hours $200
2. Video Shoot 3 hours $300

1. Acting school 
2. Modeling course
3. Oratory & Rhetoric courses
4. Makeup course
5. Hairdressing course

Model Ievgeniia
Model Ievgeniia



The talented Filipino Artist of Raga Music, as he is now popularly known as a versatile and world-class musician. His background in jazz, folk and country, and RnB is truly exceptional. In Boracay, the most popular island in the Philippines where he started singing in 2004, he was dubbed as a Boracay superstar.

He has made rounds as a musician in well-known bars in Boracay such as Bombom Bar, Pat’s Creek Bar, and Hobbit House. Aside from singing, he also gets to be invited to host events. Raggamarv’s love for Reggae music, his passion in his craft, his high-wire acts on stage; endeared him to many, both local and international.

He has released three EP albums where the island vibe is evident in all his original compositions. 

started writing in High School in the '90s. He continues to write about love, peace, ambition, Rastafari livity, the truth of the livity of human beings, equal rights, and justice for all.RaggaMarv is the founder of Boracay Island Ruckas and a firm believer in the Rastafari philosophy. With a genuine heart to help to struggle and visiting musicians on the island, Raggamarv opened his home, offered his talents, provide connections, and even shared resources to them. 

A vegetarian of 4 years, he sees to it that he practices what he preaches.