Social Art Project

My Smile in Your Arms

2020 -2025


The Project:

"My Smile in Your Arms" 2020 - 2025 

We are a long term social art-project which have a mission to inspire and develop a positive and healthy thought of society through Art expression and  Charity.






We are supported by

"ASL" Event & Marketing Management 


Worldwide associations of Charity Events.

Authors of the project and Management: 

Art Studio LibertyJM -event & marketing management

Ievgenia Mikhailova - project manager

The creators of the project:

International Artists from Thailand, Italy, Ukraine, Izrail, Russia, Greece, Philipines, Vietnam, India.


Featured Art Forms:

1. Photo Art

2. Cinema Art

3. Painting

4. Graphic Design

5. Sculpture

6. Applied Art 

7. Costume & Accessories Design


Featured Discipline:

1. Journalistic

2. Philosophy

3. Psychology

4. Poetry

5. Music

6. Oratory

7. Animated comics 


    Our team decided to support the charity events of worldwide associations who are helping to resolve kids' cancer cases, to help turn the project’s intent into reality and as such also be a source of inspiration for others. 

    For this mission, we will hold an auction during the exhibition and 10% of the profit will be donated to the project for the impacted children.

    The art will be available for buying online before the exhibition as well.                               


    The first charity event will be for kids in Thailand where we will hold an exhibition. 


    The mission of the project is to support the social health, artists, and art in positive development. 


    Throughout the project, “My Smile in Your Arms” we will maintain a public dialogue on our Facebook group and our blog. We will publish interesting interviews, presentations, and events of teamwork.

    We invite everyone to see, feel and be inspired. 

    We welcome your inspiration, creativity and your opinion on the topic of the project. 

    For collaboration, please join our Facebook group and contact us.


    For collaboration, please join our Facebook group and contact us. 

    Contact us directly on our website!



    The topic of the social art project ”My Smile in Your Arms” is to unite society into positive thinking and awareness of the responsibility of each one of us for direct participation, interaction, and influence on the life of all people and on nature as a whole. 


    Today, we often talk about responsibility for our emotions and how we deal with them.  

    But let's ask ourselves when we experience emotions, can they arise for no reason?

    Right! It's not possible! 


    It's always something or someone who made us feel our emotions. 

    Here we should say that we are responsible for our emotions 100%! But should we say we are responsible for the emotions we make others feel as well?


    The name of the project says a lot!

Sergey Guralskiy
Sergey Guralskiy
Graphic Art, Painter, Sculptor.
Dasha Krot
Zig Boom
Social Art Project «MY SMILE IN YOUR ARM
Social Art project - Dasha Krot
Social Project «My smile.
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Ievgeniia Mikhailova_edited
Deepak Panihar
Zigura Egor & Nikita
My smile ART project
Social Art Project _My smile..
ZiguraArt Sculptor
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Annette Juice
Antonio Gramegna
Leo Nguyen
Art developing
Social Art Project «My smile in your arm
Art Project
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Kiril Tkachenko
Grigore Leon
Marvin Abiabi
ASL event services
Social Art Project
ASL Event collaboration
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2020 - 2025

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